Why Choose Dataset

Commitment to Quality

Our dedicated team of software development and customer support specialists are focussed solely on our software for Waste Collection

Commitment to Service

We listen to you. Our software is constantly evolving in order to accommodate the requirements of our customers. No two businesses are identical, our system is configured to suit your business.

Commitment to Value

Our aim is to constantly find new ways of reducing your business costs. Email your invoices and statements. Email your PODs automatically. Eliminate Docket Books. Save time and staff costs.


The Dataset system has revolutionised our business and far exceeded our expectations. Previously we had been running several separate systems to operate our business, with no one system that could do all the things we required. These various disconnected systems required a great deal of input from a large number of staff and we could rarely deal with our customer queries quickly and efficiently. Dataset could do all the things we required in one integrated system. They listened to our requirements and worked to ensure the system worked the way we required. They are always there as part of the team to ensure that we get the best out of the system.

We can now select the customer in one screen and have access to a wealth of customer information, account details, prices, history, collections, weights. Our annual price updates are simple and quick. Everything is just so easy when compared to what we used to do.

Our system is able to communicate directly with the vehicles which enables the customer service team to deal with customers quickly, efficiently and always based on up to date information. These features, and others too numerous to mention, have resulted in savings within all administration areas and significantly enhanced our productivity and profitability.

Neil Hassall, Managing Director, ASH Group

I began working with Panda Waste in January 2009 as the Financial Controller of the Domestic Wheelie Bin Department.

Since then I have worked on many projects with Dataset. Our goal has been to complete projects with an objective of making systems customer friendly whilst cutting down on overall workload.

With the help of Dataset we have increased our customer base from 50,000 to 150,000 customers with minimal increase in staff. This was only made possible by working very closely with our IT providers for our waste management, Dataset.

With Dataset's IT expertise and friendly customer approach and our in-house, Accountancy expertise, we have grown and developed the business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dataset to any waste company and I wish them well as they continue to grow and expand their business.

Gerard Dinneen CPA, Financial Controller, Panda Waste

If you would like to find our how Dataset Waste Management Software can help your company increase revenue while maximising your asset usage as well as improving your customer service and customer retention call us on 07557 656 866 or email .