Trade Waste

Providing a comprehensive and easy to use management and control system for Skip collection businesses

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Dataset Waste Management Software

Provides a comprehensive and easy to use management and control system for Trade Waste collection. Our solution simplifies the process all the way from creating and sending the daily collection schedule to the vehicle operator’s smartphone app, where jobs are submitted as complete or problems logged, through to the accounts department for billing and cash collection. The Dataset system empowers the back office administration team to manage the entire process and control who collects what and when.

Increase your revenue

By saving time, increasing efficiency and making smart decisions based on live data. The Dataset system ensures that all the collections you complete are billed and at the correct rate, you also have the option to invoice either the collected or the contracted quantity per call. Dataset have in excess of 12 years of experience utilising the various ‘Pay by Weight’ technologies that are currently available (on board weighing).

Pay by weight

The Dataset system allows for real time data collection from your vehicles and for the billing of excess weight (i.e. heavy bins). Trade Waste businesses using traditional billing systems usually end up subsidising their customers who present bins that are heavier than expected. The Dataset software allows you to identify customer who are presenting heavy bins and also the charge for the excess weight where appropriate.

Improve credit control management

By having functionality that automatically eliminates from the drivers list of collections (on his smartphone app), those collections for accounts that are currently ‘On Stop’. A vehicle based weighing/Bin ID system will facilitate automatic rejection of bins for ‘Blacklisted’ accounts.

Improve customer service & customer retention

With instant incident and reporting feedback. Using the Mapping Route Progress Monitor allows your Customer Service team to be proactive in informing customers of problem collections and rescheduling where appropriate. For example, where bins are inaccessible due to a locked gate, the driver, using his app, can send back in real time an alert to Customer Service along with a description, audio recording and up to 10 photographs.

If you would like to find our how Dataset Waste Management Software can help your company increase revenue while maximising your asset usage as well as improving your customer service and customer retention call us on 07557 656 866 or email .