Skip Collections & Deliveries

Providing a comprehensive and easy to use management and control system for Skip collection businesses

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Dataset Waste Management Software

Provides a comprehensive and easy to use management and control system for managing your Skip and Roll On/Off business. Our solution simplifies the process all the way from creating and sending the daily deliveries and collections to the vehicle operator’s smartphone app, where jobs are submitted as complete or problems logged. Collections coming back to your weighbridge are weighed and the waste type is identified which completes jobs for non- account customers; jobs for account customers are automatically sent through to the accounts department for billing and cash collection. The Dataset system empowers the back office administration team to manage the entire process and control who collects what and when.

Increase your revenue

By saving time, increasing efficiency and making smart decisions based on live data. The Dataset system ensures that all the deliveries and collections you complete are billed and at the correct rate. Various combinations of weight and material types can be used for the automatic calculation of price on a per customer basis. Third party tipping is also an automated feature in the system. Real time credit card processing is part of Order Entry, thus eliminating the need for a credit card terminal and the need to record card details prior to using the terminal.

Maximise your asset usage

By not leaving containers on site for any longer than is necessary. The collection date is agreed at the order stage and once the agreed date has elapsed, the system will remind your dispatcher to collect the skip or call the customer. Automated text messaging can be used to advise customers of skip collection.

Improve credit control management

By not allowing your customer service team to place orders for customers who are in breach of their credit terms. This applies also to third parties who wish to dispose of material at your site, the weighbridge will flag up a warning where the selected account is on STOP.

Improve customer service & customer retention

With instant incident and reporting feedback. Using the Mapping Route Progress Monitor allows your Customer Service team to be proactive in informing customers of problem collections and rescheduling where appropriate. For example, where containers are inaccessible due to a locked gate, the driver, using his app, can send back in real time an alert to Customer Service along with a description, audio recording and up to 10 photographs. Proactive engagement with the customer means a better customer service.

If you would like to find our how Dataset Waste Management Software can help your company increase revenue while maximising your asset usage as well as improving your customer service and customer retention call us on 07557 656 866 or email .